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>Stefan Gajic

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Stefan Gajic

My name is Stefan Gajic, I work as a Developer Advocate at NetFoundry. My journey in the IT industry began working for a small company in my hometown in Serbia. I started my career as a Back-end Web Developer working with Go programming language and Ruby on Rails. Eager to learn more new technologies, I have joined the network department of one of the largest IT companies in northern Europe. Apart from coding, I actively engaged in writing documentation, interacting with clients, delivering product presentations, and mentoring new employees. I have a deep passion for sharing my knowledge, I am very communicative, outgoing, open-minded and love to help others. I am actively using Linux, so far I have been working with Fedora and Ubuntu distributions. If I am not in front of the computer you can find me in the nearby mountain hiking, cycling or walking my dog in some park or by the river.

Twitter: @StefanGajicNS