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Hi Folks, #Hacktivity2023 NOW+NEXT – The IT Security Festival in CEE is coming tomorrow and we would like to provide some important information for you regarding the conference.

Location of #HACKTIVITY2023
MOM Cultural Center Csörsz str. 18.
1124 Budapest, Hungary Google maps
You can travel to the conference by tram #59, #17, #61, bus #212 or taxi.    

Doors are open from 08:00, and the opening ceremony starts at 09:00, but you’ll have to register on the spot in order to get your armband, so please arrive on time! It’s more comfortable if you can take your seat relaxed and don’t have to rush, isn’t it?  

If you come by car, you can park at the public parking places in the neighborhood, but you also can use the garage of MOM Park, the garage of LARUS Restaurant, or Budapest Congress Center (you need to pay for all parking options).   Tickets/Check-in IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to bring your tickets with you as you have to show them at the entrance to get your armband. (pdf tickets on mobile screens are good too)   For VIP Guests Hacktivity VIP Pass holders can enter the conference at a separate entrance (left-hand side at the main entrance), they can enjoy the VIP lunch during the conference – along with the speakers/other VIP guests/staff. (They will get an armband with a different color.)   Coffee break
There will be 20 minutes long coffee breaks in between the presentations. During this period you can buy coffee, snacks, and beverages at the Snack Bar on the Ground floor.

Lunch break
During the 55-minute-long lunch break, you can have some food and drinks at the Snack Bar, or the restaurants nearby.  

All of the speakers will be at the venue of the conference to provide a live presentation and Q&A session. Check out the schedule here.  

Online stream
As was mentioned before, for ticket buyers, who cannot take part in #Hacktivity2023 NOW+NEXT personally, we will provide an online stream about the presentations. Both the talks in the Security Theater and the Security Dome can be watched in 2 separate streams. The URL of the online stream page will be sent to all ticket buyers tomorrow morning.  

Workshop sessions
There will be 10 on-site workshop sessions at #Hacktivity2023 NOW+NEXT. There is a pre-registration for the sessions. If you would like to attend a workshop, you can register at this location until 11.00 pm, 6th October. If you were not able to register due to a full session, you can still check whether there are free seats left at the specific sessions before it starts. Check out the schedule here! (Please note that on-site 20 people can attend a workshop at the same time and the workshop sessions are not streamed.)  

Discord channel
If you have bought your ticket to the conference you can check in the Official Discord channel to communicate with fellow participants and ask from the speakers/staff. You need to authenticate yourself by entering the barcode numbers of your ticket, after that, you’ll get permission to text. Join the Discord channel here:  

BlackCell booth
At our Hacktivity booth we await you with an exciting puzzle challenge involving ciphers, steganography and bit of Googling. The puzzle consists of 5 stages, each with a clue that will lead you towards the solution. The challenge is to be solved individually, but our booth staff can give you general hints. We also offer refreshments for people who aren’t keen on wearing their detective hat and would prefer to have a chat about Cyber Security.   

Bosch booth
Visit the Bosch booth and take a challenge to win a mystery Bosch package! Try our car simulator or navigate our robot through the challenging field and discuss about our projects and the tendencies of the future! The #Bosch experts are already waiting for you!  

PwC Virtual Escape Room
Look for the PwC booth on the first floor and solve exciting challenges to escape the virtual room using a 3D Oculus Quest!  

WITSEC booth
WITSEC (Women in IT Security) is a professional association of women working in IT security, which aims to break down the stereotype that IT is a male-dominated field. Our intention is not to reinforce the gender war, but to contribute our skills and knowledge to this branch of science, while helping the new generation to integrate into the professional community. If you want to get to know us better, come and visit us at our booth.  

Leisure zone
As usual, there will be a leisure zone at the conference, where you can relax in beanbags and follow the presentations of the Security Theater on screen.  

At the venue, you can visit the HackCenter which is going to be a heaven for hackers who want to solve some exciting challenges, share their thoughts with each other, look for a solution to a specified problem, or just have questions about a certain topic. The team of HackerSpace Budapest and HackSpace Szeged alongside SecurITeam will provide software & hardware hacking challenges, lockpicking workshop sessions, wargames just to name a few. There will be also 5-10 minutes long lightning talks where hackers can present their ideas or try their presentation skills. Do you have a topic or an idea that’s not fully developed? Bring it in and we’ll help you work it out! Maybe you can finalize and present it at the next BSidesBUD conference in May 2024. 😉  

SpeedHacking Competition
If you like CTF games, you will have the opportunity to try your skills at the conference! On Thursday, find the QR code for the pre-qual! The first and second players can participate in the CUJO AI SPEED HACKING COMPETITION starting Friday afternoon at the HackCenter (Dome). Eight easy-medium difficulty challenges must be solved in less than 90 minutes to win the CTF. This is interesting because players’ screens will be displayed on a projector. Conference attendees can follow how the best players play CTF in real time. Two commentators will spice up the competition to make things even more exciting. The first one to solve all or the most challenges will win a Playstation 5! Bring your web browser + intercept proxy to hack, or we can also provide a Kali jump box, accessible via browser (noVNC). 
Beers for peers! On the first day of #Hacktivity2023 NOW+NEXT after the last presentation ends, we’ll bring some beer benches to the ground floor to maintain a little Octoberfest feeling for you! Grab a beer next to the benches and exchange ideas with fellow hackers! The beers are on us while the stock lasts, but we are asking you to drink responsibly! The venue closes at 20:30.

#Hackitvity2023 T-shirts There will be some cool limited edition T-shirts available for purchase at the venue of the conference. If you want one, make sure to get it on time because it will be available only while the stock lasts!

If you do not have a Twitter account, make sure to register one and follow @hacktivityconf. If you mention us in a tweet don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #Hacktivity2023. 😉  

CPE Points
Don’t forget that you’ll be able to gain CPE credits from ISACA for attending the conference! You can find the ISACA stand in the exhibition area (on the First floor).
If you are watching the conference online, you can still claim your CPE points here:
Hacktivity NOW 5th October – CPE points
Hacktivity NEXT 6th October – CPE Points
If you have some technical issue, please contact ISACA at
We hope that you’ll have a good time and #HACKTIVITY2023 NOW+NEXT will be a great experience for you again!

See you all at the conference!
Best regards, The Hacktivity Team