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House Rules

Dear Participant,

The objective of the House Rules (because life is not worth living without objectives). These House Rules contain the standards of proper behavior and the obligations of the visitors at the Hacktivity Conference (further referred to as the Conference). The declared objective of the House Rules is to ensure that the conference will be a memorable and professionally exciting event for all of us.

Compliance with the House Rules (for your edification). By purchasing a ticket to the conference participants accept and undertake to act in compliance with all the House Rules. The participants also agree to accept and follow the conference organizers’ decisions made during the event. In exchange, the organizers promise not to intervene unnecessarily during the conference.

House Rules of the venue. This year our conference will be held in the MOM Cultural Centre. The Centre has their own House Rules, to be complied with by conference participants whenever they are on the premises. These Rules will be displayed at the venue as well as on our website for your information.

Men in black (if there are problems with acceptance). The safety of the event, equipment, and participants will be provided by a security company, authorized to check the participants’ tickets any time during the event at the conference venue. In addition, the security company will take care of you when you are in a condition of not being able to foresee the consequences of your actions (a euphemism) or if we think you have misjudged your behavior. The security company will act for you and not against you.

Conference organizers (men in black). Who would have guessed it: there will be organizers at the event too, to be recognized by their organizer T-shirt. They will be like your mom at home; supporting, understanding and helping you. Do not hesitate to ask questions except one: if you ask „why?” you won’t receive an answer.

Proper behavior (and clear screen). We kindly ask you to behave like you were at home or at your granny’s. For those who grew up wild we have the following rules:

  • do not frighten or offend people;
  • do not litter or make loud noises;
  • do not stagger without reason;
  • do not endanger your own or others’ lives.

Participants violating these rules will be led off the premises and permanently banned from the conference venue. Participants intentionally making any kind of damage will be reported to the police and obliged to pay full compensation.

No 15-minutes of fame. Any lecture or another kind of speech or participation is only permitted in the conference programme with the prior written consent of the organizers. Self-proclaimed speakers who have no authorization will be led off the premises by the security company.

Do not use illegal stuff. At the event, participants are only permitted to use clean hardware and software not violating any copyright or related rights. We shall not be held responsible for the consequences of the participants’ use of illegal software, hardware or stored data. Storing and processing data violating effective laws is also prohibited at the conference, therefore, no video recordings may be made at our events and no such recordings may be disclosed on any video sharing sites!

Prohibited content (we take this very seriously). During the conference, it is prohibited to show, promote or distribute

  • censored films and publications;
  • materials showing pornography, pedophilia, violence;
  • drug-related materials;
  • offensive materials;
  • hate content or materials offending religions or minorities.

The 3 per mil rule. No breathalyzer will be used but the security company (men in suit) may refuse drunk persons admittance or participation at the event. Visitors under the influence of drugs or whose behavior disturb other participants may not attend the conference even in the possession of a valid ticket.

No drugs. In the event, the organizers see any sign of drug possession or consumption the visitor in question will be reported to the police and banned from the premises of the conference.

Pick and hammer (will not bring you luck here). No cutting and/stabbing weapons, arms or objects regarded as weapons, biting or dead animals (how come?) or dangerous tools (knives with a blade longer than 8 cm, switchblade knives, gas sprays, truncheons, etc.) are allowed at the premises. Any person violating this rule will be immediately banned from the premises by the security company.

Take care of your belongings. The organizers shall take no responsibility for the participants’ assets or any damage to persons or material value.

There’ll be nothing wrong with the scrambled eggs (but still…). The organizers shall not be held responsible for the food and drinks sold at the conference venue.

No turning back, sorry. No tickets will be refunded. With your purchased ticket you will be entitled to receive one wristband. If your wristband gets damaged or lost you will lose your admission to the conference. You can only enter the conference venue if you have a valid, undamaged wristband.

Guinea pigs.The participants accept that for demonstrative purposes linked to the lectures they may be part of deception tests during the event. No personal data will be collected in the tests but the findings may be presented anonymously at the conference. The tests will comprise attacks exploiting general human factors well-known in information security. For more information please contact the organizers at or at the conference venue.

Smile, you’re being filmed. The participants accept that video and audio recordings will be made at the event. By purchasing a ticket visitors shown on video recordings agree to have no later claims related to the recording against the organizers or the film crew. By purchasing a ticket visitors give their consent to the use of their image and voice to be managed as personal data.

We reserve the right to change the House Rules. Hacktivity is a live and dynamically changing event. The participants accept that these House Rules may change until the start of the conference. Changes will be posted on the conference website or you can inquire at the premises.

And anyway, you know the rule: The organizers are always right even when they are not 🙂

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation,
the Conference Organizers