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>The Art of Cyber Espionage: Unleashing the Power of SCADA and ICS Hacking

The Art of Cyber Espionage: Unleashing the Power of SCADA and ICS Hacking

In today’s digital age, the use of SCADA and ICS systems is widespread across various industries such as oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and many others. These systems provide essential functionality in monitoring and controlling critical infrastructure, making them a prime target for cyber attackers. Cyber espionage attacks on these systems can cause severe disruption to critical infrastructure, leading to significant financial losses and potential loss of life. In this practical hacking presentation, we will delve deep into the world of cyber espionage by exploiting SCADA and ICS systems. We will start by discussing the basics of SCADA and ICS, their components, and their vulnerabilities. We will then move on to explore different methods of exploiting these vulnerabilities, including exploiting insecure network protocols, firmware vulnerabilities, and weak access controls. During the session, we will conduct live demonstrations of several attack scenarios, showing how attackers can use these techniques to gain unauthorized access to critical infrastructure systems. We will also showcase some of the popular tools and techniques used in these types of attacks, including Metasploit, Shodan, and Nmap. Furthermore, the presentation will cover best practices for securing SCADA and ICS systems, including network segmentation, system hardening, access control, and intrusion detection. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of the art of cyber espionage, the vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS systems, and how they can protect their own systems from these attacks.

About the Speaker

Muhammad Shahmeer Amir is a world-renowned Ethical Hacker and the 3rd most accomplished bug hunter who has helped over 400 Fortune companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Twitter, resolve critical security issues in their systems. He has founded multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the field of Cyber Security, and currently leads three startups in four countries. As the CEO of Younite, Shahmeer’s premier company is working on next-generation audio-video communication technologies. He is also the CEO of Veiliux, Asia’s first mainstream Cyber Security startup present in the Asia Pacific, UAE, and the UK. Authiun, another startup, is a complete passwordless authentication solution for the 21st century. Shahmeer is the Cyber Security Advisor to the Ministry of Finance Government of Pakistan, involved in multiple projects regarding Deep Sea Tracking, Digital Transformation of Legislation, and Digitization of Pakistani Cultural Content. He is also a member of Forbes Technology Council. As an Engineer and a Cyber Security professional with relevant certifications from renowned organizations like EC-Council, Mile2, SANS, etc., Shahmeer is currently looking at the Blockchain technology for his doctorate. He has authored three books, including Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials, and a dozen research papers. Shahmeer is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on Cyber Security, Blockchain, and other technologies, having been invited to over 80 conferences globally. including Blackhat, GiSec, FIC, AEC Alberta, Hackfest and many more. He has also been accepted at multiple prestigious academic institutions in their entrepreneurship programs, including Stanford. As a CTO of companies, Shahmeer has learned to code in 25 languages and read code in 35, making him an expert in multiple technologies.