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>Pwning into Power System Center

Pwning into Power System Center

Power system center is core of the entire power station eco-system. With this application anyone (with desired access) can modify stations parameters, can add station, can shut down stations or power itself etc. With this application we can control devices connected, automated baseline monitoring, remote access control, and automatic scheduled password changes, ultimately entire device management for most of the Scada. What if the product has bunch of vulnerabilities? What if attacker gets hold on the product and can manipulate power stations? We’re going to talk about – how attacker can intrude into environment and mainly intrude the power system center which ultimately will lead to take control of the devices, stations, entire power system etc. We’ll talk about several vulnerabilities which we found in one of the well-known Power System Product

About the Speaker

Omkar Joshi has 10 years of experience in Security domain especially Pentest, Application Security, Forensics Investigation Passionate Red teamer, Security researcher Reported multiple vulnerabilities in products, applications and acknowledged with CVE’s