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>Natural Language Processing (NLP): A Hands-On Workshop

Natural Language Processing (NLP): A Hands-On Workshop

Natural language processing is a subfield of AI. It is at the core of large language models. In this workshop you learn how to break AI into tools and build your first NLP program. You learn to use natural language processing to extract knowledge and uncover patterns in text data, by building your own tools. This workshop is designed for total beginners, you will be introduced to the foundations of NLP and gain practical experience in text preprocessing, representation, and classification. This workshop provide people basic skills to start in this direction, or a technical understanding of this subfield of AI as they build it. It’s the idea. Here is the workshop outline. – Understand NLP and how LLM (Large language models) work. – Learn the essential steps of text preprocessing. – Explore different methods of representing text data, Build a simple text classifier using popular techniques, Dive into sentiment analysis and uncover the sentiment hidden in text using pre-trained models and industry-standard libraries. No prior experience in NLP is required. All you need is a laptop to participate

About the Speaker

Pauline Bourmeau has spent a long-time fixing languages and bikes with very little money and great ingenuity, squatting university benches and corrupting teachers for beer. Working for the past four years as a Threat Analyst, she is also a trained linguist and former teacher who brings a unique perspective to her work by exploring and exploiting threats through criminology, social anthropology, philosophy, and psychology. She actively participates in the open-source community and promotes defensive security practices by training industry practitioners.