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>Beyond Fun and Games: Understanding the Threat Landscape of Extended Reality

Beyond Fun and Games: Understanding the Threat Landscape of Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) encompasses augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality. These technologies all blur the line between the physical and the virtual world leading to new experiences and potential breakthroughs in gaming, healthcare, manufacturing and design. The endless possibilities have a darker side as well, in the hands of a capable attacker XR devices can become very capable trojan horses for high tech espionage. The goal of the talk is to analyze the threat landscape of extended reality and unveil the security challenges posed by XR applications/devices. We will explore the various capabilities, use cases and weaknesses of the mixed reality realm, so that you can address these concerns adequately. Ultimately, we will do a non-exhaustive threat model that identifies key assets, security requirements, pinpoints and quantifies vulnerabilities in the XR landscape. After this short threat modeling exercise the attendee should be familiar with the requirements and challenges of securing these immersive technologies.

About the Speaker

József Ottucsák is a security professional with a passion for both software and hardware engineering. Beyond his work in software security, Jozsef has a deep interest in cutting edge technology, music production and DIY hardware.