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13.09.2017. 11:35

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We are happy to announce the official program of #Hacktivity2017! Our program committee has worked hard to choose the best presentations, so the professional atmosphere is guaranteed, as usual.

If you check out the schedule at our official website, you’ll see, that there will be some familiar faces - for instance Travis Goodspeed (last year’s keynote), who will share his thoughts about literate disassembly and symbol porting, Zoltán Balázs, who will show how to hide the browser 0-days, or Buherátor, who will talk about penetration testing oracle forms - and some new presenters in the lineup, like Tobias Schrödel, who will talk about hacking drones and buying passwords in the Darknet

We are proud, that Hacktivity2017 has two keynotesCostin Raiu, the director of Global Research and Analysis Team at KASPERSKY LAB and Haroon Meer, the founder of THINKST, an applied research company with a deep focus on information security.

This year we will also organize a roundtable discussion about ethical hacking reflecting the recent IT security incident that gained large media coverage in Hungary. The purpose of this discussion (only program @Hacktivity in Hungarian) is to highlight the possible solutions to a problem like this and to address the issues of communication and legal questions beyond the technical background, contributing to the effective and lawful solution for similar conflicts in the future.

As usual, there will be interesting Hello Workshop courses this year again. For example, Péter Zsíros will hold two brief courses: one about the basics of websecurity and one about Suricata IDSDaniel Szpisjak will provide an in depth view of XSS defense, and the team of Rescube Robotics will talk about BadUSB with Arduino.

At the end of the first day, we invite all the participants to the Hackers party with beer, PDF-karaoke and lots of fun.

On Saturday the participants can listen to the presentations, but they also can enter the Hacktivity Hacker Center with exciting programs and tools, that will be located in the Security Dome. (Some more detailed information will be provided about the Hacker Center later.)

Next week we will launch the Hacktivity Capture The Flag game (technical background is provided by our partner, Avatao). Participants with the best 3 results will win a free ticket for the conference, and we also draw one winner from the contestants. Stay tuned for more information on the CTF!

The Hacktivity team is the official verifier of the IT security category at the Hungarian IT Challenge organized by (Országos IT Megmérettetés). Apply for the challenge and try your skills! (only available in Hungarian).

As you might know, for the very first time Hacktivity is providing comprehensive IT security training 3 days before the actual conference. We will launch 3 different courses for IT security experts who want to develop their skills. There are still seats available for each and every training, so if you want to develop your skills, get your tickets now!

The training will take place at Rubin Conference Hotel **** Budapest from 17th to 19th October 2017.

If you purchase a ticket for a 3 days training you can visit Hacktivity conference for free!


Hacking Basics in Practice (Domokos Nagy)

This is an introductory course into the world of hacking. Most of the known tools and techniques will be used to understand why is the hacking so popular nowadays and how easily you can adopt in your everyday or professional life. The main goal of the course is to get familiar with the terminology of hacking via 90% hands-on experience. The training includes very useful parts from discovery and gathering information to access systems on different environments.

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Mobile Application Exploitation - iOS & Android (Prateek Gianchandani)

This will be an introductory course on exploiting iOS and Android applications. The training will be based on exploiting Damn Vulnerable iOS app, Android-InsecureBankv2 and other vulnerable applications that are written by the trainers in order to give an in-depth knowledge about the different kinds of vulnerabilities in Mobile applications. This course will also discuss how an attacker can compromise a mobile application. After the workshop, the students will be able to successfully pentest and secure applications running on the various operating systems. The training will also include a CTF challenge in the end where the attendees will use their skills learned in the training to solve the CTF challenges.

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Windows Kernel Exploitation (HackSys Team - Ashfaq Ansari)

This training is focused on the exploitation of different Windows Kernel Mode vulnerabilities. We will cover basics of Windows Kernel Internals and hands-on fuzzing of Windows Kernel Mode drivers. We will dive deep into exploit development of various kernel mode vulnerabilities. We will also look into different vulnerabilities in terms of code and the mitigations applied to fix the respective vulnerabilities. This training assumes that the attendees have less or no prior experience with Windows Kernel Internals and Kernel land as well as User land exploitation techniques.

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There is some more exciting info to come, so stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

The Hacktivity Team