Hacktivity Ltd.

  • 1039 Budapest, Juhász Gyula utca 58. 1. floor 4.
  • info(kukac)hacktivity(pont)com
  • CEO: Spitzhütel Gábor
  • Company registration number: 01-09-920588
  • Tax id: 14744655-2-41
  • Bank account number (from Hungary): 10700392-49159002-51100005

Program committee

Ferenc Spala
Head of Program committee
Ferenc has been working as a IT security consultant for more than six years. He is primarly interested in penetration testing, security audits and vulnerability assessment. He regurarly gives talks on Hungarian and international conferences and holds courses about IT security on varoius universities. He is the member of the Hacktivity Team since 2007 and takes part in different tasks like photographer, Wargame creator, technical officer, member of the program committee; since 2013 he is the head of the program committee and responsible for the professional program of Hacktivity.
Twitter: @FerencSpala

Member of Program committee
Buherátor is a founder of Silent Signal where he serves as an IT security consultant working mainly on penetration testing and code audit projects for the financial sector. During the 13 years of Hacktivity he gave multiple talks, won the Hack the Vendor challenge and organized several wargames and CTF's throughout the years of the conference. He enjoys breaking security software and hunting high-level logical vulnerabilities. AFK he helps building the Hungarian security community in the nearest pub.
Twitter: @buherator
Attila Bartfai
Member of Program committee
Attila works in information security since 1998, focused mainly of the defense side. In the past years he was working in almost all eastern european countries as security architect and team leader. Main areas of his interest are firewall, UTM, IPS, endpoint prevention, identity management, securing and monitoring privileged access, SIEM, DLP and adwanced malware detection systems. He is working in the Hacktivity program committee since 2009.
Dr. Fabien Duchene
Member of Program committee
Recognised Information Security R&D Expert with 10 years of international experience.
Positions: fuzzing lead, fuzzing consultant, security researcher, security consultant for penetration testing, security engineer for implementing security solutions, trainer/teacher for security. He uncovered numerous vulnerabilities in high impact targets: kernel drivers, media players, Evernote, SFR Box, Elgg,, VPN providers, Windows...
He spoke at the best security conferences: Syscan, ZeroNights, Black-Hat, HITB, IEEE Working Conference in Reverse Engineering, ACM Codaspy,...
- Fuzzing: design & implementation of tools for automated vulnerability discovery (expert)
- Targets: kernel drivers, userland interpreters; parsers
- C,C++, x86/IA-32, x64, ARM
- Network & web security, including intrusion detection & prevention
Twitter: @fabien_duchene