Speakers - Tobias Schrödel

Tobias Schrödel

A well-known computer magazine once wrote that Tobias Schrödel is the „first IT-comedian“. And really, he explains technical vulnerabilities and correlations in a way everybody can understand while not letting the fun miss out.
As a qualified IT-specialist, Tobias worked many years as a consultant for one of the biggest world-wide IT- and telecommunications corporations – so he knows what he is talking about.
Since 2011 he has been the face, whenever IT-security and -technology stories are aired in the German TV-show „stern TV“. Schrödel explains various technical topics for everyone to understand.
His first book “Hacking für Manager” was awarded the getAbstract-award as the best business book of the year 2011 and is available today in the fourth edition as “Ich glaube, es hackt!” in German language. He writes a weekly column, a blog and regularly articles in computer magazines (e.g. computerBILD).
For almost 14 years, Tobias Schrödel has worked for T-Systems International as a consultant for IT-security.
Before that, he had been responsible for the development of logistic solutions in the Enterprise Business Segment of United Parcel Service Europe.
He is a certified instructor for IT-specialists and is working for the German Chamber of Commerce as an auditor of soon to be IT-specialists for over a decade.

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