Leisure zone

Hack and Party at Hacktivity!

The Island of Calm
Even though there are a lot of exciting programs, presenters and workshops will be available, you may feel the need to accomplish some of the missions as relaxation during the break in a quiet corner or the Leisure Room where you can play or rest as you feel like.
If you cannot find a place in Security Dome (smaller hall), come to the Leisure Zone on the ground floor where you can watch and listen to presentations sitting in a comfortable bean bag. Or thanks to USTREAM, you can watch the streaming on your own computer anywhere in the building!
Lockpicking, Hacking
Our more casual programmes include trying lockpicking and hardware hacking, to be held in a separate room.
Are you interested in the hands-on aspect of hacking beyond the keyboardand the screen? Come join the members of Hackerspace Budapest, where you can improve your soldering skills, get your feet wet at interfacing weird hardware and ride the airwaves with various wireless transceivers. Beginners are welcome, as well as seasoned veterans who got tired of learning and just want to sit down with some fellow hackers and chill among like-minded individuals.
The mysteries of lockpicking will be unveiled by Tamás Váradi who is a specialist in opening techniques, lock vulnerabilities, trace detection and other issues of physical security for 27 years. At the stand you can try to open a lock without anyone noticing it.
Hack and party
This year  speaker corner is back! Here you can find each presenter for a little chat and they even answer the questions you might have. The party after the official programs will be at Morrison’s 2 starting at 8 pm. It will be a blast and there will be a free welcome shot!
Print your own T-shirt at HACKTIVITY
Pólóügynökség will be there once again in the lobby so bring any piece of clothing or object that you want to have printed or logoed with funny stuff or you can choose something from the displayed selection.
IT training at school and beyond – what makes a good IT professional? 
Roundtable discussion organized by Deloitte
In addition to presentations and workshops, this years Hacktivity also features a professional forum where experts will discuss IT education. 
At last year’s conference an unusual roundtable discussion took place. It was about the problems with IT education. In 2016 the participants will focus on the possible solutions.
The participants will search for answers for the several questions. Is it possible to educate the children in this field? Is formal education enough? Which companies can they rely on? And the most important  What apprenticeship programs are available to young people in Hungary? And most importantly, do they have the opportunity to train themselves in a particular area and find a job afterwards?
Skool will also discuss girl’s IT education. Why don’t they consider IT as a career opportunity? Themes will equal opportunity, innovation in the future and the importance of diversity in technology companies.
Moderator: Iván Bedő (HVG)
  • Lajos Antal, Deloitte
  • Dr. Imre Felde, Óbudai Egyetem (University of Óbuda)
  • Zsófia Major, Skool Co-founder, CEO
  • Bence Szomor, Balabit
Date:  October 21, 2015 (Friday) 10:05-11:45
Location: Security Dome
Visit Our Sponsors at their Stands and enjoy yourself
The exclusive diamond sponsor of the event for the sixth time is Deloitte Hungary. They are waiting the guests along with the gold sponsor, Dimension Data at their stand where you can try out 2 road racing bikes used by sportsmen like Edvald Boasson Hagen or Mark Cavendish. Courtesy of the sponsor of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka World Tour cycling team, thanks to Focus Kerékpárboltok,  the Hungarian distributor of Cervélo bikes.
Go to Hunguard stand on the gallery. You can get great „hunguard green” ice mush as well.
At Biztributor stand will be bingo kiosk malware - malware bingo games. They prepare with the usual activities: there will be demo devices and survey. Participants can get gifts.
There will be a game at the TR Consult stand. The participants need internet connection, a computer and a monitor. Check the game here: http://www.gameofhacks.com
At the Balabit stand you can try a quiz, a professional game and a new behaviour analysis technologies. They will wait for the participants with fine Portugal candy and you can win different gifts. The members of Balabit wil be there too and everyone can ask questions and they will talk about the company, job offers and developed solutions.
The Protektoid stand will be composed of two parts,one to talk about the "business version" of Protektoid with brochures, one to talk about the "Community version":
  • "lock game" to let people "unlock Protektoid" or ask us to give them the key.
  • surveys and bonbons- "play with Protektoid" game to let people try Protektoid online without any requirements (no installs, etc.) - https://www.protektoid.com/play-with-protektoid0
Drop by the IBM Hungary AIS booth where we are bringing you an enchanting combo of IT operation, aviation and security. The ingredients? Inspiring video footage, engaging IT professionals, hands on  antivirus game, a quiz and a wide range of job opportunities from Cyber Security to Server/Application operation. Looking forward to meeting you soon at booth Nr. 18
Hacktivity CTF game winners
Bites of security coding
Somebody has been working hard this year to get their #Hacktivity2016 tickets. The Avatao team developed a CTF game for the potential participants. Everybody can test their skills by trying offensive and defensive security tasks by avataoand has the chance to get acquainted with the typical bugs and the ways to eliminate them in different environments: web, python, Java, C/C++. The path started with easy tasks, but included difficult ones as well.
We have 6 winners who got free Hacktiviy tickets and our sponsors also offered gifts for them which they will get at the closing ceremony.
They are the winners:
1. Kasza Péter
2. Nemes Sándor
3. Németh Cs. Dávid
4. Boczán Tamás
5. Guba Dániel Olivér
6. Bursa Matus
The gifts offered by our sponsors:
5 books (AdNovum)

7 powerbanks offered by Deloitte