Presentations - DDoS protection technology is far from being “install & forget”

  • Location: Security Dome
  • Speaker: Jochanan Sommerfeld
  • Date and time: 09. October 2015. 10:15 - 10:55

Regardless of any specific vendor, as you know there are several techniques to get DDoS protection.

Each of these techniques can then also be deployed in few different ways. Both, protection techniques and deployment architectures will obviously affect the quality of protection while under attack.
Although many organizations are failing with DDoS protection, I would say, that most of today’s attacks can be successfully mitigated. But don’t get me wrong, an effective mitigation requires good understanding on how the technology operates plus a deep knowledge of your network and the applications traversing it. 
No matter what vendors and service providers promise, DDoS protection technology is far from being “install & forget”. In this presentation I will discuss common mitigation techniques, deployment methods and misconceptions of DDoS protection.