Péter Gyöngyösi

He wrote his thesis about the statistics-based analysis of log messages, gave several presentations about the security of web systems.

Márton Illés

stalwart of BalaBit IT Security, creator and development manager of Shell Control Box and syslog-ng Store Box.

Felix Schuster

He is an active member of the internationally successful CTF-Team FluxFingers and especially enjoys reverse engineering and other low-level challenges.

Győző Kovács

One of the fathers of the first Hungarian electronic computer (M3).

Dániel Muszka

Dániel Muszka, Mathematician. Took part in several important research and development projects as a follower and colleague of László Kalmár in the early period of Hungarian information technology in the 1950s and 60s.

Raoul Chiesa

Raoul is among the founder members of CLUSIT – the Italian Information Security Association – and he is a Board of Directors member at ISECOM, CLUSIT, OWASP Italian Chapter, Italian Privacy Observatory (AIP/OPSI).

Tamás Szakály
Tamás Szakály

With his team they won the European round of Cyberlympics 2012., and placed 6th in the world finals.

Péter Bodor

Péter Bodor, psychologist, lecturer at Eötvös Lorand University. He is a follower of social constructivism. His area of research covers the common ground of psychology and the use of language. His recent research focuses on the discursive construction of identity.

Zsolt Illési
Zsolt Illési

Information forensics expert. From 2007 PhD student of Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University.

Csaba Barta

His main areas of expertise include penetration testing, computer forensics and incident response. Csaba is a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and a certified CHFI instructor.

Mihály Zágon

Mihály specialized himself on network level black-box penetration testing but gained experience in exploit development and in web / binary application testing as well.

Marcell Major
Marcell Major

Marcell has more then 6 years of experience in penetration testing and information security audits.