Archiv - Hacktivity 2015

Name Talk .pdf Video (hun) Video (eng)
Gerhard Klostermeier , Matthias Deeg Of Mice and Keyboards: On the Security of Modern Wireless Desktop Sets
Felix 'FX' Lindner The Keynote
Axelle Apvrille Fitness Tracker: Hack In Progress
Jochanan Sommerfeld DDoS protection technology is far from being “install & forget”
Attila Marosi Hacking Team malware
Balazs Bucsay Chw00t: Breaking Unices' chroot solutions
Tamás Szakály Shall we play a game?
Sándor Kapitány , Dániel Martinkovics , Csaba Otti , András Fehér Security in our hands (?)
Norbert Tihanyi A modification of the prime generation method of the OpenSSL library
Zsombor Kovács Semi-automated mapping of iOS binaries
joernchen of Phenoelit Your Web app, those hackers & you
Zoltán L. Németh Memory corruption vulnerabilities, runtime mitigations and their bypasses
Áron Szabó Post-Quantum Cryptography: prime questions = primary questions
Marina Krotofil Rocking the pocket book: hacking chemical plant for competition and extortion
László Miklós Bíró Layer 1 encryption and decryption
Zoltán Balázs Sandbox detection for the masses: leak, abuse, test
Pornsook Kornkitichai Defend PowerShell Attacks When All Else Fails
Gábor Szappanos Comparing the incomparables
Jason Zhang Make “Invisible” Visible - Case Studies in PDF Malware
Glenn Ten Cate OWASP Security knowledge Framework - Survival is not mandatory
Fabian Yamaguchi Mining for Bugs with Graph Database Queries
Martin Knobloch Secure software, start appreciating your developers!
Omer Coskun Why nation-state malwares target Telco Networks: Dissecting technical capabilities of Regin and its counterparts
Márk Vinkovits I play Jack of Information Disclosure – How to do threat modeling via playing cards
Sebastian Garcia The Network Behavior of Targeted Attacks. Models for Malware Identification and Detection
Jos Weyers Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys)
Micha Borrmann Attacking all your IPv4 devices at home from the Internet via Dual-Stack Lite
Tamás Váradi Introducing disc lock opening tools and methods
Boldizsár Bencsáth BAB0: A custom sample that bypassed cutting-edge APT attack detection tools
András Szijj , Levente Buttyán Hacking cars in the style of Stuxnet (Levente Buttyán, András Szijj, Zsolt Szalay)