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Hacktivity Best of Hacktivity 2014 official
Jason Chan Keynote - Building a Glass House: Security Adaptations for Modern Software Architectures and Practices
Attila Marosi Troubleshooting
Marc Lampo Designing DNS Flows for Security
Tamás Szakály , Ákos Rajtmár eXploitable Markup Language
Gábor Szappanos Practical Shellcode Analysis
Gábor Németh Fruitful Solutions – What To Use a Bank-Card Sized Computer For?
Micha Borrmann CVSS is a big botch/Scoring systems do not help to improve the IT security
Gábor Molnár Handcrafting ASCII Flash Files for Fun and Profit
Attila Zsellér , Róbert Kiss Security Alerts That Are Worth A Phone Call
Zoltán Alexin European and Hungarian Approach to Personal Data Protection
Tibor Bősze Cryptocurrencies: The Other Side of the Coin
István Csizmazia-Darab The Biggest Blunders of Anti-virus History
Nicolas Grégoire Hunting for Top Bounties
Csaba Zánthó , Tamás Váradi The safety of lever locks vs. pin tumbler locks
Tamas K. Lengyel Virtual Machine Introspection to Detect and Protect
Csaba Otti , Dániel Martinkovics , Sándor Kapitány , András Fehér Iris Identification
Timur Khrotko AppSec, the Untrustable Security
Shahar Tal I hunt TR-069 admins: pwning ISPs like a boss
Aleksandr Timorin SCADA Deep Inside: Protocols and Security Mechanisms
Philip Young Smashing the Mainframe for Fun and Prison Time
Ruchna Nigam Android Packers: Separating from the Pack
László Miklós Bíró A New Way of Wireless Eavesdropping
Zsombor Kovács , Gergő Köpenczei Advanced Tracing and Monitoring of Android Applications
Zoltán Balázs Bypass firewalls, application white lists, secure remote desktops in 20 seconds
Domonkos Tomcsanyi Yet Another Way To Cause DoS for GSM Devices
Dr. Boldizsár Bencsáth How to Gather Intelligence on Targeted Attacks - Tricks and Tips
Daniel Komaromy Enter The Snapdragon!
Milan Gabor , Danijel Grah Vaccinating Android
Gábor Stefanik Tuning Exploit Kits for Fun and Profit