Archiv - Hacktivity 2012

Name Talk .pdf Video (hun) Video (eng)
Jeff Bardin So You Want to Be a Cyber Spook - Open Source Intelligence
Sir David Pepper Cyberspace and Beyond - Evolution in Action
Tamás Váradi Impressioning
Krisztián Schäffer Security Code Review
Akos Subecz Security Problems at Hungarian everydays
Balazs Bucsay PayPass Vulnerabilities
András Tevesz Disabling Antivirus program(s)
Tamas Szekely Attacking The First Hop Redundancy
Csaba Otti ,Arnold Oszi The security and vulnerability of the biometry
Áron Szabó Alternative usage of PKI devices
Adrian Furtuna Digipass Instrumentation for Fun and Profit
Zoltan Balazs Zombie Browsers, spiced with rootkit extensions
Alexander Polyakov Top 10 most interesting SAP vulnerabilities and attacks
Laszlo Toth ,Ferenc Spala Think differently about database hacking Presentation
Shay Chen The Diviner - Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough - Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Structure of ANY Application - 10-2012
Steve Mulhearn The Rise and Fall of DDoS Attacks in 2012
Andras Veres-Szentkiralyi USB = Universal Security Bug?
Sándor Nagy NAT Attack
Laszlo M. Biro Alternative internet
Shakeel Tufail Software Threat Modeling
Joe McCray Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments
Antonio Barresi ,Péter Somogyvári Android Security - An Introduction
Zsombor Kovacs To secure data is to prepare for jailbreak
Alexander Kornbrust Self Defending Database
Miroslav Stampar Spot the Web Vulnerability
Judit Varga The geek girl's case with the tiara
Domonkos Tomcsanyi Give me a phone that can't be traced!
Boldizsár Bencsáth What Makes the Analysis of Malware Like Duqu or Flame Different?
Andras Kabai Hunting and exploiting bugs in kernel drivers
Gábor Szappanos Journey to the bottom of a black hole
Vivek Ramachandran Cracking WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise for Fun and Profit