Archiv - Hacktivity 2011

Name Talk .pdf Video (hun) Video (eng)
Csaba Barta Forensic analysis of NTDS.DIT
Laszlo Toth Almost invisible cloak in Oracle databases or the “undocumented” helps us again
Marcell Major ,Mihaly Zagon Modern Browser Attack Vectors
Zoltan Balazs IPv6 shipworm + My little windows domain pwnie
Andras Kabai Malware Analysis Tips and Tricks
Peter Szor Fighting Computer Malware
Raul Chiesa Cybercrime, Information Warfare and Cyberwar
Joe McCray There is An App for That - Pentesting Mobile Applications
Tibor Peszleg What to do when the problem is on board?
Alexander Kornbrust Oracle Forensics
Akos Subecz ,Csaba Zantho Lockpicking - the finest art of opening locks
Dr. Ferenc Leitold ,Botond Horvath Internet in the sandbox
Ertunga Arsal Rootkits and Trojans on Your SAP Landscape
Gyozo Kovacs My Assorted Wandering in IT
Dr. Daniel Muszka The Kalmár Era in Szeged
Andras Veres-Szentkiralyi Hacking hardware for fun and profit
Felix Schuster Design and implementation of an additional layer of encryption for Skype
Csaba Otti ,Arnold Oszi Fingerprint identification systems, security or security leak
Vivek Ramachandran Enterprise Wi-Fo Worms, Backdoors and Botnets for Fun and Profit
Sandor Lederer ,Adam Foldes ,Tamás Bodoky ,Laszlo Csorgo Wikileaks: info-freedom fight or info-terror