Archiv - Hacktivity 2010

Name Talk .pdf Video (hun) Video (eng)
Andras Veres-Szentkiralyi We Have Linux Servers So Are We Secured?!
Laszlo Toth Post Exploitation Techniques in Oracle Databases
Domonkos Tomcsanyi Hacking in Suit - Smartphone, the Swiss Army Knife of Hacker
Andras Tevesz Rootkits vs. Anti-Virus Developers
Balazs Szemes ACTA, HADOPI, Digital Economy Act: Are We Going to Pay?
Tamas Szadeczky IT Security Compliance - What is Demanded by the Hungarian Law
Robert Lipovsky Evolution of Rootkits
Zoltan Panczel ,Ferenc Spala Buffer Overflow Workshop
Robert Neumann Exepacker
Marcell Major Writing Your Own Password Cracker Tool
Csaba Krasznay Web 2.0
Zsombor Kovacs Hijacking Public Hostspots
Andras Kabai Buffer Overflow step II. ASLR and DEP eveasion techniques
Gabor Jeney Using Commercial WiFi Hostspots Free of Charge
Zsolt Illesi Finding the Needle in the Haystick
Zoltan Hornak ,Kristof Kerenyi ,Tamas Jos Set Top Box Security
Peter Holtzl Log Analysis
Marcell Fóti Nothing New Under the Sun
Felix FX Lindner Router exploitation
Istvan Farmosi The First Virus, the First Book and the Lost Solution
Peter Gara-Tarnoczi Data Rescue in a Different Way - Having Hacker Talent is Useful in Working as an IT SecExpert
Dr. Agnes Dudas I agree...
Dr. Istvan Szabo The History of the Hungarian Cryptography
Dr. Zoltan Ormos Most Famous Information Security-related Lawsuits from the Past
Dr. Lajos Muha Chapters from the History of IT Security
Dr. Anita Eros Legal Issues with Social Engineering
Buherator Metasploit workshop
Bruce Schneier Keynote speaker
Alexander Kornbrust Security Comparison of the Leading Databases
Laszlo M. Biro Digital Amnesia