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#Hacktivity2016 CTF game: Bites of Secure Coding

25.08.2016. 13:31

The #Hacktivity2016 wargame is waiting for you. Test your skills and win a free ticket for the conference.

Get your #Hacktivity2016 tickets

01.07.2016. 11:52

Pre-registration has started for #Hacktivity2016!

Travis Goodspeed as a keynote at Hacktivity

12.05.2016. 16:37

We have the second keynote speaker too. Travis Goodspeed, the genuine hardware hacker will be with us.

Keynote speaker is on board - Dániel Komáromy

22.04.2016. 11:48

Although the ticket purchasing period hasn’t started yet, we have a keynote speaker for #Hacktivity2016.